Item 7 Private Fund Reporting
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B. Are you an adviser to any private fund?

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If "yes," then for each private fund that you advise, you must complete a Section 7.B.(1) of Schedule D, except in certain circumstances described in the next sentence and in Instruction 6 of the Instructions to Part 1A. If you are registered or applying for registration with the SEC or reporting as an SEC exempt reporting adviser, and another SEC-registered adviser or SEC exempt reporting adviser reports this information with respect to any such private fund in Section 7.B.(1) of Schedule D of its Form ADV (e.g., if you are a subadviser), do not complete Section 7.B.(1) of Schedule D with respect to that private fund. You must, instead, complete Section 7.B.(2) of Schedule D.

In either case, if you seek to preserve the anonymity of a private fund client by maintaining its identity in your books and records in numerical or alphabetical code, or similar designation, pursuant to rule 204-2(d), you may identify the private fund in Section 7.B.(1) or 7.B.(2) of Schedule D using the same code or designation in place of the fund's name.

SECTION 7.B.(1) Private Fund Reporting

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SECTION 7.B.(2) Private Fund Reporting

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